We offer our corporate and individual clients assistance for obtaining work and related residence permits both for independent purposes or for employees inclusive of their immediate family members.

We provide project based compliance with Turkish Date Protection Law and GDPR and ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, registration to VERBIS, audit current situation etc.

We advice our clients on inheritance and assist our clients to write their will. Also we assist on issues such as custody of children, distribution of assets, contribution, destitution and precautionary alimony applications, drafting of divorce settlements and filing pre-agreed divorce petitions, use of adultery, abandonment, violence, etc.

Basyurt Law provides coordinated and swift responses to inquiries that is essential for businesses. Our corporate law practice is not limited with but contains services such as incorporation, M&A, tax planning, IPO, contracts and commercial transactions, employment issues, e-commerce and technology, intellectual property, bankruptcy and liquidation.

We consult our clients during their applications for the registration of trademarks and patents. Also we represent our clients against any breach of copyright, trademark or patent rights.

Basyurt Law Firm represents its clients in all kinds of employment actions including re-employment and claimants for employment benefits.

With our experienced arbitrators and mediators, we assist our clients during their legal disputes also Basyurt litigation team represents clients in all types of civil cases, including unfair competition cases, real estate disputes, shareholding disputes, bankruptcy and execution proceedings, labor law cases.

Our debt recovery department works to offer the most efficient outcome for our clients including cross-border debt recovery for non-resident clients. We provide recovery services to businesses, banks and individuals. Our services include preliminary services before legal execution procedure for negotiation and settling of debts.​

Basyurt Law has a high capability in administrative law matters, as its team includes an expert on administrative law with a significant academic background in this field.

Our contract attorneys know hundreds of contract clauses for use in drafting your custom business contract. As your contract attorney, let us win your battles before they are fought. We are recognized for our affordable and prompt business contract services.

We provide support to our clients on all legal aspects of a construction project, from the initial drafting of the contracts, to post-construction deals and dispute resolution. Our lawyers can assist for drafting contracts for planning, design, engineering, program, project and construction management and we provide services for preparation of bidding documents, sales and leasing procedures,etc.

With our Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditors, we provide legal services to national and international companies in IT sector and other companies operating their activities electronically.

We offer legal assistance for cross border trading activities, issuing and execution of internationally recognized letter of credits, cross-border open account management, import-export regulations and ICC INCO terms.

Basyurt Law has an extensive experience in providing project finance related legal services to its clients. We develop innovative and practical legal solutions for complex financial transactions.

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